The Power of Ignorance

  Giving the other, the perception that you hold a secret grants you power. The validity of the secret – its existence, factuality, or relevance – is unimportant. It’s the idea that ‘I have something which you don’t, and can’t have’, gives the owner their power. This particular situation, in its most sober sense, creates

Why are these even called essays?

I intended to have a detailed classification system for my writing based on its purpose, content and length – into blog posts, articles, musings, essays, and so on.   Semantics forced way too many options, and neither some nor all would fit my intentions or aesthetics. This inconvenience led me to discard the idea of

Alex Rintu/Again

Dedicated to the ones’ who are at the wrong place at the wrong time. However formal I may make it or fake it, it is ineffective to reduce the people, the minds, the inspirations and systems that allowed me to make this EP into a list, such as the one right beside this. But as

Rinse, Retire, Repeat feat. Mundane

‘Mundane’ is a composition that  was deemed to be the soundtrack of an employee, a resource, a headcount,  tapping away on a keyboard , nibbling on a desk, smiling at an unwilling customer,  guided by a ticking clock, run by a time-sheet, cornered by loneliness and strained by passion and a label of being a

Second Prelude

I wouldn’t call this experimental, but could do so, for its sake, only because it found itself being injected into a pop album. It was made by a single tracked guitar and an array of effects, with ample open-mindedness. The resultant tone resembled a didgeridoo signalling a beginning, later transforming into sounds resembling a symphonic

When Your Heart is Singing

Well I’d say with you, you’re lucky You got to walk out of that room You’re back on the road, you’re gold The sun is shining through the cold… It’s hard for you to see Why the world won’t agree But, would you care to let it be When your heart is singing… Ohoo, Ohoo,

How Would I Know

Walked about three miles, From the place I left, Left after a long half-minute, Waiting for a lot more. Chased the signs somehow, Somewhere else too far Seasoned with sweat, the salt and the earth Beneath in my mouth. How would I know, How would I know, How would I know, If I am standing