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A Clean Slate – Krump feat. Alex Rintu

A Clean SLate – Krump Feat. Alex Rintu

On an uneventful evening, Mridul sent me this track. When Mridul and I discuss music, it’s mostly about discovering new things. Our conversations start often start off with ‘Have you heard this one, or that…?’, and that goes on for some time. He is also a great critic of my music. He often shared his vision of my guitar music to take a direction getting heavier and heavier. He wanted to play heavy and heavy, as he thought I was mellowing down,

He also often shared his vision of where to take my guitar music and its sounds. He wanted me to get heavier, much heavier than where I am. He wondered if I was mellowing down :).

Personally, I give little importance to sounds above intention. Rather than pursuing sounds, I pursue intention.

He sent me this track – A Clean Slate by Krump, as part of our music discovery exercise, and wondered, how it would sound like if there was a guitar solo in a fairly empty space in the song. It’s as if the track had a vacant space.

I plugged my guitar in and gave it the heaviest sound I can process. I sent this to Krump themselves. But never heard anything back. I would have loved to know what they thought about it. More or less, I like the fact that my friend has one unique version of a song he likes, that I made happen.

And what did my friend think about it? I actually don’t remember :). More or less, I just enjoy the fact that my friend has one unique version of a song he likes, that I made happen.

Seek to 03:10 to hear the guitar part.



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And here’s the original for you to compare.

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