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About Truth

4th February, 2017


There are many resources you can get to learn the distinction about ‘truth’ and ‘fact’. But does it really matter? Okay, bear with me for a moment. In the quest to find these scrupulous superpositions, to place me, I find both of them futile, well at least for all impractical purpose.

Truth doesn’t exist. Facts change. Both are prone to lose itself in translation. People & communitcation, being the network that it traverses is the most unstable medium to do the same.

So if you’d ask me, everybody lies.

The Liar Paradox

In philosophy and logic, the classical liar paradox or liar’s paradox is the statement of a liar who states that they are lying: for instance, declaring that “I am lying” or “everything I say is false”. If they are indeed lying, they are telling the truth, which means they are lying. In “this sentence is a lie” the paradox is strengthened in order to make it amenable to more rigorous logical analysis. It is still generally called the “liar paradox” although abstraction is made precisely from the liar themself. Trying to assign to this statement, the strengthened liar, a classical binary truth value leads to a contradiction.

Source: Wikipedia

Artwork: M. C Escher

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. His art is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, as can be seen on the many web sites on the internet.

He is most famous for his so-called impossible constructions, such as Ascending and Descending, Relativity, his Transformation Prints, such as Metamorphosis I, Metamorphosis II and Metamorphosis III, Sky & Water I or Reptiles.

Source: Website

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