a log book of my journey to the stratosphere.

Alex Rintu/Again

Dedicated to the ones’ who are at the wrong place at the wrong time.

However formal I may make it or fake it, it is ineffective to reduce the people, the minds, the inspirations and systems that allowed me to make this EP into a list, such as the one right beside this. But as existing traditions impose, I have enlisted the individuals who lend their hands, minds, and vision to get this EP off the ground. However, there was she who held the light in front of me to get this done, my partner-in-life, Elsa. During this difficult depression, when nothing in life would happen, when every answer seems too long to come, and everything is in shambles, she pushed and shoved me enough to get my bearings together. She supported me through and through, from everyday rambles, to guide my performances, sacrificing her time and sweat to make sure that I do it, get it done and keep doing this. Every single work I believe, that if I make post this EP, would be on that bedrock, and the credit goes to her.


  • Songwriting, Composition and Lyrics by Alex Rintu.
  • Vocals, Guitars and Arrangement by Alex Rintu.
  • Backing Instruments & Vocals, Recording, Mixing and Mastering by MS Recording Studio.
  • Photography by Elsa Oommen.
  • Digital Editing and Artwork Concept by Studio Ananas.


  1. Rinse, Retire, Repeat feat. Mundane  2:29
  2. When Your Heart Is Singing  3:52
  3. How Would I Know  5:48
  4. Second Prelude  1:10
  5. Behind Again  6:24


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