a log book of my journey to the stratosphere.

I went to see the King(s).

It was the music in me that pointed me to London. Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, The Royal Albert Hall

After Berlin, I flew to London via Vienna. It was the first cross-euro flight I had taken. I was also sort of excited, that I am getting on a plane. Just any plane…

Maybe on another note, – why the hell was getting on a plane too exciting to me? Over the course, maybe I will uncover about the influence of colonialism, social progress, and technology – to an individual from Kerala.

But I am in London to study at King’s College, London – to do my Masters in Cultural and Creative Industries. It was exciting because this was a course was in the sweet spot of Economics, Sociology, the Digital, Humanities, and the Arts. A methodical approach to learning about creativity and the economy. This was proper. It was niche and made the most sense in my educational journey.

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