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Recording (5) – Room

Recording (5) – Room

I don’t know how else to explain this. The microtonal notes and tiny bends have that calming soothing feel. The tape recorder-esque ambience on playback sound feels like… I don’t know how to explain this. Because I am trying to explain what it is, after I have created, then during or before the creative process.

This piece feels so calm, measured. I had little to say, than have a simple tune melt away.

I don’t remember anything about the day, other than how the room smelt, and how thin my guitar sounded for a hollow body toned out guitar. I also remember how slowly I took each breath, before playing each note, each phrase.

This was a decent day. As with most of the music in the Room Recordings, I knew little of what this was supposed to achieve. But I kept moving ahead. And that meant a lot.

It gave me time to contemplate on the mood of the chords I played. And in between, you will hear my attempt to be counterintuitive, and play some odd chords. But something pulls be back to conform because anything I play seemed to resolve itself.

Location: 13 Kilby Mews, CV1 5EB
Time: Dinner’s done

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