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Rough the GC

I wrote this track a number of years ago (I think in 2013). I was in New Delhi at the time. Before air travel became cheap in India, the fastest mode of transport was the railways.

The distance between New Delhi & Trivandrum is roughly 2900 kilometers; 45 hours by train, and 3 hours by plane. It is almost inconceivable by most middle-class folks to consider traveling by train this amount of distance. It’s long, tiresome, (can’t take a shower), and just inconvenient to the option of flying. The cost for an air-conditioned top tier train journey costs the same as an economy seat on a plane. So the low-cost airlines definitely didn’t motivate anyone to journey by train anyway.

I love train journeys. Especially the long ones, because that’s when I get to read a book from beginning to end. It does seem that no situation is conducive for me to pick up a book, and read it, other than a long journey… When you’re on a train, you can afford not to pick your phone up. Data & roaming charges would definitely give you an excuse. And if you have a thick book with you, that’s the best.

Sometime around 2013, I decided to take a train journey from New Delhi to Trivandrum. Also, I decided to travel by GC. That is the General Compartment – or the unreserved compartment. If I remember correctly, I think it cost roughly 550 rupees (roughly £7).

I decided to travel. Standing and waiting in the queue is a different experience altogether.

During the travel, I met a mother and son, who was sitting on the floor. I had the rhythm of the train movement, and I wanted to sort of writing it. The tune I made sort of sounds like an old western (the blues influence kicking in).

Here’s the track:-

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