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What was 800 rupees worth in 2004

I ‘borrowed’ money from my mother’s purse; Rs. 800 to buy a guitar. I had a burning desire to pick up the instrument. But then again, I was just completing my 10th Standard, which meant, I was going to join 11th Grade, which to everyone else meant more focus on studies and no time for frivolous activity.  I remember someone mentioning, that I should have picked up the instrument, maybe 5 years ago, so that I could quit it by this time.

I made my way to the nearest musical instrument store – Joys’ Musicals – a store that always caught my fancy. I bought the cheapest guitar I could find.

Right after I bought the guitar, I came home and showed it to my mum. She wasn’t too fazed. She knew I took the money from her anyway, and I didn’t want to have the conversation. She was also not too worried at that time. She thought I was going through a phase :).

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