I use this space to organise things I have tried, done, achieved, and is currently doing. This is a conversation starter, a work in progress, a log book of my journey to the stratosphere.

You, and I... we are always working. If Work is tasks in a package called jobs, then why does 'Tasks' seem imposed, but 'Jobs' liberating?

There's always work to do.



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Again (2015)

Room Recordings


D.E Shaw & Co.

Associate in Financial Research


Analyst in Strategy & Insights.

Studio Ananas

Product Owner & Project Management

Think & Throw

Online Training game for Bio-medical waste management

Virtual Police Station

First Human Rights' Tool in the world.


Career Route Planner


Anti-Money Laundering Analyst

ABPL Group

Sales & Digital Transformation Consultant


Touring, Live Performance & Recording Artist

Avantgarde India

Digital side of Experiential Marketing

Mythologies of Mumbai

Tracing Mumbai's evolution from a city of mills to a Metropolis




Genesis: Of living today

I am pushed and shoved, but still stuck, addicted to loneliness and incompetence by news, views and visual garbage of flukes.

Beautiful lives seem far away, yet right at my fingertips. But the ones that may matter to me is nowhere near.

Inundated by incoherent babble to believe in myself, my idea of having, and grabbing dreams, I am made to believe to... hard to reach where I have to. I am led to believe in doing my time and wait as my youth repent the economics of being employed, and not being lucky, and just being...

Then they say that those who made it, simply had faith. I should, must, have faith in…

Find a job!

Your life’s work is your job. No one will ever know if they stopped their climb or settled somewhere in the brow. And when I reach there, the hallowed doors, I strain and I unlearn to earn a few lines on a piece of paper. I am a labourer, a headcount, a payroll number. I am a role, a process, an expense. Corporates are your family till they have to let go.

"Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job. And there’s nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there’s no end to it. Maybe, it’s not your story. But it’s the story I hear every day. You might care if you’d know that it is so, and you’ll be next. I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” – Howard Beale, The Network (1976)

I have heard this before, and I feel it today. Strongly. Vehemently. Till I distract myself from this screen to the other, where my outrage is misdirected again, distracted by puppies, and kittens, and intellectual punity.

I am broke.

I have been rejected so many times, Either I am not good enough, or maybe I don’t know how best to tell you how great I am. Maybe my aspirations are way too high. Maybe I am not good for their tasks of stacking shelves? Maybe there aren’t enough jobs our there.

I compromised.

I worked every waking hour to a cause, an idea, an institution to get the job done. Wherever I am, I am one of you. I am passionate, and I am grateful to be there. Wherever I am. But this may not be me?

Learn something more. That’s the way to go. Why should I learn? What do I learn? Did I learn enough? Is this the right way to reach the place I want to?

I should be happy.

Everybody knows things are bad. It’s a depression of the spiritual kind. A data-driven spirituality. A depression by the aggregation of power, information and opportunity with the other.

I have heard this before.